Tuesday, September 13, 2011

PB Pooches

Arrow indicates where nose should be.

Now here's my personal take on this dog:

Remember my whingeing about linework the other day? Boy, did I ever get bold fast. Literally.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

What I Was Whining About

Yeeeaaahhh, sometimes I draw like.......this. Okay, so it's not THAAAT terrible. The feet are floating, the pencil really ought to be sharper, god I hate stopping to do that but so does everyone, yablayablaya.....Actually, the composition, lines of action and basic forms are all only slightly off. But to a truly serious cartoonist -which I obviously aspire to be- that's like saying, "Hell, my weakly stabilized basement apartment with crumbling drywall that's filled with Nitroglycerine bombs and priceless Chinese vases from the Ming Dyasty is really just slightly overlapping a massive fault line! I'll be fine, you'll see!"

Yes, it's one hell of an unforgiving craft, and that's probably the way it ought to be - most of the time, anyway.

Is This The Best Cartooning Study I've Ever Done?

If not, it's damn close. One thing that's definitely different about it is that this time I successfully punched it up with voluminous thick-and-thin lines, following the original ones as closely as I could. Usually I'm too nervous to do that - one slip and it ruins the whole drawing. Which brings me to my single most irritating shortcoming as an artist - I'm prone to slipping. And digging, and fudging, and fidgeting....you name it. Fact is, I still have terrible motor control. I can't even snap my fingers. And being left-handed isn't a big deal in general, but sometimes it sure doesn't help.
Fortunately, though, I think my passion for the craft is already starting to fix those issues. Practice and personality are on my side. I work hard at it whenever I can, and everyone I know tells me I draw "funny" - in a good way. The great John Kricfalusi says that that's the one part of cartooning you're either born with or you aren't. I'm all too happy to take his word for it.

PB Puppies

PB Hands

Late-Forties McKimson Unit Bugs Pose Sheet

It just struck me - the part of Bugs' construction that makes it so hard to get a study of him right on the nose is the same part....that the, uh, NOSE....is....right.......on. Heh. Hemm..........WELL, I THOUGHT IT WAS FUNNY, SO - - - THERE!!!

WHAT is it....

....about the style of whichever animator laid out Daffy's dance in Duck Soup to Nuts that makes it so easy to turn him into an 80's Nelvana duck and not catch yourself doing it until it's too late?


Tom McKimson Tweety Sheet

Here comes the naked genius now....

Sunday, September 4, 2011

"Travis Pickle" Doodle

He means business....whatever that means......
Sorry this and other reproductions below look so hideous, I really gotta get that scanner hooked up.

Evil Babies & Anal Bellhops

*Yeah, I know he's not carrying any luggage and he's probably wearing the wrong hat. I decided what he was moments before posting this. Sue me, moosie.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Not To Be A PC Policeman, But....

I think my Browser Cookies would appreciate it if you didn't mention their disability so often. After all, they are cookies too, just as much as you and me. Thank you for your attention.

PS: can anyone explain to me what happened? I don't wanna scroll through all that elaborate nonsense, just tell me if someone is fucking with me and what I might be able to do about it, if you can, thanks.

Pedro The Existential Crisis-Prone Multi-Celled Organism

....and don't the kids just love 'im!

Have You Caught Onto The Santa-Crock Hat Craze Yet?

Another horrific doctor's office doodle.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Principles of Drawing culminating assignment. White (and some black) Conte chalk and vine charcoal on grey paper. Exact dimensions unknown due to laziness. March/April 2011.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Say, That IS a Great Idea!"

-Especially for those of us who don't wear clothes!

A sketch of the mighty Renwick I whipped off in a doctor's office a little while back. Executed in that most sensitive and understanding medium.....ballpoint pen!

Uh oh, copyright violation in progress- caaaalll the pol-EEEEEESE.......

Loopy Lazy Lickin' Lizzerd Lou

Colour & Water-Based Media assignment. Emphasis on warm/cool and light/dark value contrasts, complementary colours.

*BTW If it's of any interest I just remembered something about my process on this - I had actually meant to draw his eyes and the scales on his belly in correct perspective, unlike these flat ones that create the illusion of him leaning much more on his side than he's really supposed to be, but then I realized how much more difficult that is to paint without messy "line leakage", so I cheated it. Goes to show how mixing mediums at which one's skill levels differ from one to the other can have technical and even creative consequences. Anyway, I got a good mark. It wasn't about the drawing. I still kinda like it.