Tuesday, September 13, 2011

PB Pooches

Arrow indicates where nose should be.

Now here's my personal take on this dog:

Remember my whingeing about linework the other day? Boy, did I ever get bold fast. Literally.


Anonymous said...

Great job, Zoran! If you're interested, I'll give you a link to some of my own drawings.

Zoran Taylor said...

Hey, look who's here! It's Ned Flanders' friend, Roberto Sever! (Sorry, I couldn't resist. Maybe because I'm still hung over. Damn arcane March 17th custom that has nothing to do with North America...)

Worry not, my friend, I know all too well who you are. IE - The OTHER enigmatic, verbose, aspergerian animation devotee who has been known to occasionally overwhelm Eddie Fitzgerald. I can just picture us meeting eyes from across a valley at the twin summits of two windswept mountaintops, like something out of a Kurosawa film....so.....we finally do battle.....

Aha, just kidding. But yeah, don't you have a blog where I can see all your stuff anyway? Or are you keeping some of it semi-private for some reason? I'm interested to know more! Keep in touch!