Sunday, September 11, 2011

Is This The Best Cartooning Study I've Ever Done?

If not, it's damn close. One thing that's definitely different about it is that this time I successfully punched it up with voluminous thick-and-thin lines, following the original ones as closely as I could. Usually I'm too nervous to do that - one slip and it ruins the whole drawing. Which brings me to my single most irritating shortcoming as an artist - I'm prone to slipping. And digging, and fudging, and name it. Fact is, I still have terrible motor control. I can't even snap my fingers. And being left-handed isn't a big deal in general, but sometimes it sure doesn't help.
Fortunately, though, I think my passion for the craft is already starting to fix those issues. Practice and personality are on my side. I work hard at it whenever I can, and everyone I know tells me I draw "funny" - in a good way. The great John Kricfalusi says that that's the one part of cartooning you're either born with or you aren't. I'm all too happy to take his word for it.


Moro Rogers said...

Heya, got your comment...Did we meet through John K's blog?

Zoran Taylor said...

Yeah, I think so. You work at Disney, right? Or am I confusing that with being a CalArts grad or something else?