Sunday, September 11, 2011

What I Was Whining About

Yeeeaaahhh, sometimes I draw like.......this. Okay, so it's not THAAAT terrible. The feet are floating, the pencil really ought to be sharper, god I hate stopping to do that but so does everyone, yablayablaya.....Actually, the composition, lines of action and basic forms are all only slightly off. But to a truly serious cartoonist -which I obviously aspire to be- that's like saying, "Hell, my weakly stabilized basement apartment with crumbling drywall that's filled with Nitroglycerine bombs and priceless Chinese vases from the Ming Dyasty is really just slightly overlapping a massive fault line! I'll be fine, you'll see!"

Yes, it's one hell of an unforgiving craft, and that's probably the way it ought to be - most of the time, anyway.

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