Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It appears to me that there are zillions of other, more important blogs out there called "Unmitigated Audacity". So if anyone has any ideas for an original, funny, interesting blog title, just throw 'em at me. Anything at all! I'm open. In the meantime, it will remain as it is.

The suggested labels for this post are "scooter", "vacation" and "fall". I can't for the life of me imagine what the operators of this software think I'm gonna be talking about.....unless those are unfinished phrases, waiting to be completed by "_Libby", "Too many _s" and "_in approval ratings", in which case....well, you get it.



Is there anybody out there?

(spooky, droning synthesizer)

Is there anybody out there?

(distant, echoing seagull screams)

Is there anybody....out there?

(the collective silence of the internet, which has no idea who the hell I am and has no reason why it should)

Uhh.....aiight. Guess I got a blog now.

Stay tuned for actual content!