Monday, July 27, 2009


Soprano, that is.


Vincent Waller said...
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Zoran Taylor said...

Just in case anyone sees this, Vincent (fuckin') Waller(,dude!!!)'s comment is deleted only because it's an answer to a question I asked him and it's not relevant anymore. There's no bad blood between us. Seriously, I would PAY to be dissed by a Spumco artist. That would be cooler than most of my life. (Mike Fontanelli doesn't count 'cause I challenged his opinion on his own generation. You just don't do that. No really, don't.)

m said...

Nice drawing. And for the record I think your bunny outfit is neato.

Bryce Johansen said...

Zoran Taylor said:
@Bryce - John DEFINES cartoons as "funny drawings".

If you're wondering if his ideas go any further than that, just watch some of his cartoons. It's rather obvious that they do.


Ok, sorry to bring this into your own blog (I felt it fair to not clutter up John's blog and also to get my point across to you more easily at the sametime.)

John has noted before that he believes that the core element that makes cartoons unique to other medias is that they're "Funny Drawings". I partly agree yes but I also believe that it isn't this simple element that does this.

I believe a cartoon needs much more then just funny drawings, it needs "Purpose and Intension". You need a reason behind the action...and I'm not meaning disney "feeling" rubbish.

Take a look at all the best cartoons, they were the best because they got the point across along with being funny.

Zoran Taylor said...

Bryce, that's what I mean by "go further". John talks all the time about exactly that. You're preaching to the freaking choir, man.

James Sugrue said...

Hey Zoran, neat drawing! Thanks again for stopping by my blog. To answer your question, I am based on the East Coast. But I am aiming for the West Coast soon =)