Monday, July 27, 2009

Poor Little Beetle!

He wan on the sidewalk on his back like this, flailing around. I used a filthy disused plastic straw from the side of the road to flip him over and he started walking again. It wasn't pleasant, but I felt good about it after.


Thad said...

Hey Zoran could you email me?

Zoran Taylor said...

Why? I'm an anonymous amateur. This is just a doole I did last fall. This blog is unofficially closed until I'm a real cartoonist. I'm working like hell at College and I'm gonna work like hell all summer and then MAYBE I'll be able to come up with some cartoony drawings that are also SOLID. Until then I'm just a cartoonist groupie.
And I can't stand arguments about this stuff. No offense, but your reputation proceeds you a little bit....

Trevor Thompson said...

Just email him. Jesus.

And BTW, you're a real cartoonist if you aspire to be and you keep drawing and get better, not because there's some bullshit standard perpetuated by blogging industry artists. If quality had anything to do with it, you'd be working, because there's not a consistent amount of great artists in the industry, and what's more, the best artists don't necessarily get regular work.

And don't be a cartoonist groupie, because most cartoonists don't appreciate it. These are mostly private people, and on the internet, your words can be seen by them.

No one's anonymous anymore, not online. I still get friend requests on Facebook from people that I don't even know. They just read my comments on the cartoon blogs. In fact, the cartoon blogs are the single reason I don't put my drawings up anymore. I'm just trying to get a portfolio done before the summer. I'm rambling.

Just keep drawing and email Thad. Who knows? Maybe he can help.

Zoran Taylor said...

Solid points, Trevor. I agree with much of your reasoning. I had completely forgotten that this exchange had happened. If it had happened more recently I may have responded differently.

However, I'm not really sure why you're warning me against being a "Cartoonist Groupie" when you don't know anything about me. If you've been looking at my Facebook account and bringing your commentary about it here, I don't really appreciate that. Frankly, I'm in no mood to discuss this right now and I will make my own decisions in regards to networking, thank you.